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Victoria was built in 1993 specially for the Isle of Mull Railway in Scotland by David Vere of Mouse Boiler Works. Designed to haul heavy trains it is based on the Baldwin locomotives of the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia. It was very successful engine and the mainstay of train services on Mull until the railway sadly closed on 1st September 2011 and was removed in 2012.

The engine has a boiler pressure of 150 psi, 14 inch diameter driving wheels, is 36 inches wide and 141 inches long. With a weight of 2.5 tons. Currently painted an aircraft blue livery and with a very nice chime whistle. Featuring an enclosed cab the engine was popular on Mull in view of the weather which can be very wet.

She was collected from Mull on September 7th 2011 and brought South to Rudyard to attend the annual steam gala. She arrived on the 8th and was rapidly fitted with air brakes ready for the gala on the 10th & 11th. The pictures below show her leaving Mull for the last time in 2011.

She performed well and remained at Rudyard whilst the future of the Mull Railway was resolved. She was used from time to time and always appeared at the various gala's to much interest. She is now permanently based at Rudyard with the rest of the Mull fleet and is a regular on services after returning from overhaul in 2018.

Victoria underwent a comprehensive overhaul at Mouse Boilerworks from 2016-2018 and returned for the Santa Specials in December 2018 in an updated livery and various modifications relecting the new permanent home at LRR.