Rudyard Lake Steam Railway

Operated by Leek and Rudyard Railway Ltd

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Goods and Maintenance Vehicles

The railway has some very nice goods vehicles mostly built by the late Alan Boon from Middlewhich. There are four open wagons a van and a brake van. Sadly there was another van, a tank wagon and a crane at one time but the railway was unable to afford to buy them at the time they were sold by Alan and two are now on the Royal Victoria Railway and the crane wagon in Scotland.

Three of the open wagons carry a battery powered air compressor used to power the air brakes on the trains so there is usually one of these wagons in each train

Rolling Stock

Ballast Wagons

The railway has three bogie ballast wagons. Each is capable of carrying about 2 tons of ballast so a train of all three loaded is a heavy one. Two wagons each have 2 removable bodies. This allows for easier shovelling from the wagon when being unloaded. The third wagon was built by Dougie Blackhurst from Sheen and has carried many hundreds of tons of ballast on its original railway and at Rudyard.